Theta Healing


Theta healing is a very powerful and simple and effective technique that combines science and spirituality in the recognition and   transformation of our deep negative beliefs, blockades, traumas, vows. . .It uses Theta brain wave to create positive change.Theta healing can help you if you really want to change something in your life. We can improve the health condition, heal the disease, relieve fears, phobias, addictions, solve emotional problems, family problems, solve financial problems and create abundance, awaken creativity within oneself, develop self confidence, bring harmony in relationships, and more.  Theta condition is a state of deep relaxation / meditation and allows us to operate below the level of conscious mind. Scientists have found that Theta's brain wave relieves stress, reduces anxiety, leads to deep relaxation, improves mental clarity and creativity, reduces pain, and other. Theta healing can instantly transform negative thoughts, patterns and beliefs at all levels into DNA, and empower us to re-create life exactly the way we want it. Theta healing was founded by Vianna Stibal (Idaho Falls, USA). 











Theta Healing Treatment is an conversation between practitioner and client. We are working on the client's problem and with intuitive reading and digging technique we enters into depth of problems and we comes to the basic belief that keeps client trapped in that problem. Negative beliefs, established patterns, traumas, vows block us to go further through life and can hold us in pain, illness, disagreement, low self-esteem, poverty, anger, hate, guilt, etc. Theta technique can withdraw negative beliefs and replace them positively, and let go established patterns, trauma and vows, and create life as we want by installing positive beliefs. With the release of traumas and vows the problems that tortured us so far, we can see in a completely different way or they are completely disappeared. Many past life events can also affect the present life. With Theta Healing we can release karmic patterns or vows which are constantly repeated through numerous lifetimes.

With Theta Healing we can help with negative childhood memories​ and experiences that keep us blocked in that time so it is difficult for us to go on. It slows us down or completely stops our progress.

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Holistic treatments as massage, healing and meditation are relaxing, relieve stress and release blocked energy. They may overcome and help with some disorders and pain but Wellness Silvia do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, perform medical treatments or interfere with a medical treatment of licensed Health Care Professional. If you have any serious medical condition (physical, psychological or other) it is recommended to visit your doctor or licensed physician for a medical control and ask a written form that holistic treatments you will have will not affect your health conditions.

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