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Mari, 24.03.2021.

Beautiful young woman enjoying massage i

“Byens beste massasje av verdens

hyggeligste Silvia!

Virkelig en fantastisk god og lojal massør, som alltid får meg til å slappe av

og glemme den stressende hverdagen.

Jeg har gått fast i snart et år og har funnet mitt faste sted.

Anbefales virkelig av hele mitt hjerte!” 

Beautiful young woman receiving massage

“Veldig hyggelig opplevelse. Silvia er meget profesjonell og god massør. Jeg kommer def tilbake.”

Meliha, 17.09.2020.

I am regular customer at Silvia`s Wellness Studio and I will really recommend her treatments to other people. Relaxing and comfortable, and very professional. Well worth the money. 

I have also given giftcards with treatment at Silvia`s Wellness Studio to my friends. These gifts have been greatly appreciated.

Elisabet A. - 22.07.2020.              

Serenity and yoga practicing at mountain

I would highly recommend Silvia's Wellness Studio. A small oasis in Oslo, where you can take a well-deserved break from everyday life and give yourself a little refill, recharge yourself (your body, soul and mind).

Silvia is a very skilled and caring therapist and healer. She gives you the very best treatment for what you need right there and then, and she is innovative in her approach. The massages (aromatherapy) gives me an experience of total relaxation, energy replenishment, recharge and balance. Her Reiki healing is fantastic, it dissolves my blockages and recharges/raises energy, and gives calmness, balance and new focus. Theta healing is her "trademark". It is a magical experience that it just have to be tried. I experience more profound positive changes, both in mind, body and soul, that happens there and then or over time, and that happens in the interaction between Silvia, as a magically present therapist (healer and

coach) and me as a conversation partner and receiver/recipient. Healing happens intuitively there and then in our meetings, and she quickly gets to the core of what needs to be accommodated, processed and healed within me (my needs), while there is still room for me, my words and expressions (my person/ my

experience). I return to my true essence and my inherent resources, and can meet myself in a more caring and observant way. I experience small moments of happiness (bliss), a feeling of coming home to myself, of  the reopening of the world with new meetings, new opportunities and that miracles happen.

My best recommendations for Silvia. Give yourself a gift/a treat - invest in a treatment or two or three with Silvia, and experience a little bit of of every day magic.

Grete K.N. - 16.07.2020.

“Veldig takknemlig for kjempe fin opplevelse! Skal komme tilbake snart.”

Zornitsa, 25.06.2020.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

I have had several treatments with Silvia over the last two years, and I am very content and delighted. Has been to Aroma therapy massage, Tetha healing and Reiki healing. Over the years, I have experience with other therapists in the same industry, and I would say that Silvia is in a class of its own. She has a long and thorough education, at the same time as she is always in continuing education for more insight, understanding and knowledge of all new energies. Silvia is very professional, at the same time as she is very humble and caring. She works very deeply in a thorough and comfortable way. From the first moment, I felt seen, accepted and respected. Silvia shows great integrity and deep understanding. The treatments are deep and effective, and Silvia provides thorough information and guidance on what you can contribute to achieve an optimal result. I am infinitely grateful for all the help and the great impact it has had and has on my life. It is from my heart and my greatest pleasure to recommend treatments with Silvia.   

Anita A. - 21.06.2020.

“Profesjonell og behagelig.”

Asle, 14.05.2020.

“Som vanlig, helt supert. Jeg har bestilt ny behandling..”

Elisabet, 15.02.2020.

Young beautiful girl having face massage
Place for relaxation in modern wellness

“The massage I got was very good. The atmosphere

at the appoinment was calm and relaxing

and Silvia was very friendly.

Warm recommandations!.”

Jenni, 12.12.2019.

Hun er veldig behagelig og få behandling av, så kommer gjerne tilbake 

Nina, 21.11.2019.

“Supert. Helt fantastisk.”

Elisabet, 9.11.2019.   

Young, beautiful and healthy woman in sp
Beautiful spa composition and blurred pr

“Bra gravid massasje. Koselig stemning

og var tatt i mot til behandling

fin måte.”

Maiju, 19.10.2019.

“Veldig bra behandling. Hyggelig dame.”

Jan, 13.09.2019.

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