Animal Healing

Animal Healing is a complementary therapy that works very well close to veterinary treatment and can help your pet heal and feel better. I am not a doctor or veterinarian and with healing I will not provide a diagnosis, prescribe veterinary medication, perform medical treatment or interfere with the treatment of a licensed veterinarian or other medical professional. Healing should never be used as a substitute for veterinary care. I recommend you to visit your veterinarian before taking a healing session or to continue with the therapy that your pet already started.

I do distant healing with animals, sending healing without being in the presence of the animal. In my work I use Reiki and Theta Healing. Healing can help recovery from illness and injury and works on so many different levels, from physical to mental, emotional and spiritual. Behavioural problems can also be resolved and they are even more effective when used with re-training with professionals. It can help animal to rebalance and allows the animal to heal itself - to stimulate their own healing mechanism, reduces stress and anxiety and helps with pain and discomfort.

Animals can react in a different way on healing but usually they are very relaxed, some of them can be restless, some of them will drink more water, they can sleep more etc. With some pets you can see some immediate changes and some of them will have symptoms more pronounced before they start to improve as the process of cleansing start. Energy is always going where it is needed most so even if you don`t see some changes in your animal after healing it doesn’t mean your pet didn’t get healing. Long term imbalances may sometimes require multiple sessions.

Animals always come in our life for some reason. They are here to support us on our path and they can pick up our stress and anxiety. Most pets are ill from picking up the low-frequency energies from their owners. They are as our mirror and usually they show us what we do not want to see. So the animal is not the only one who need healing. The animal is just our reflection. So for the best results it is good to do healing with the owner. That is always about your decision if you are ready to heal and bring changes in your life. Before treatment I have in detail consultation with the owner. It is the best way to obtain helpful information about your animal and things that might be contributing to its current problem.

You can register for Distant Animal Healing with Online Consultation Card for Animal Healing on the  link here below and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible for more detailed consultation and to book an appointment. If you have any questions you can call me or send an e-mail. Thank you.


Animal brown horse
Image by Matias Tapia
Rescue Puppy