Angel Healing Therapy

Angel Healing Therapy is a form of healing where we are connecting with Guardian Angels and Archangels for healing, protection, gratitude and happines. It is very gentle and powerful at the same time. They can guide us, bring peace and balance in our life, remove energetic blockages, helps to release old patterns,  help to heal emotional wounds from our past etc. The therapy can involve  channelling , Angel card reading, meditation, and the use of crystals.

Image by Julian Hanslmaier

Holistic treatments as massage, healing and meditation are relaxing, relieve stress and release blocked energy. They may overcome and help with some disorders and pain but Wellness Silvia do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, perform medical treatments or interfere with a medical treatment of licensed Health Care Professional. If you have any serious medical condition (physical, psychological or other) it is recommended to visit your doctor or licensed physician for a medical control and ask a written form that holistic treatments you will have will not affect your health conditions.

​Please do not hesitate to call me or send an email if you have any concerns.