About Wellness

Welcome to my Wellness Studio, in my little world of caring for your whole well-being. Your journey begins here. A journey of healing, harmony and balance. Balance between your inner and outer world. Everyone is different with unique needs, goals and limitations. Together we can choose treatment that is appropriate to you and meets your needs.  I believe that every guest deserves the best, every time. 

Wellness represents a healthy way of living, harmony of mind, body and soul. Wellness has seven dimensions - occupational, emotional, spiritual, environmental, financial, physical, social, and intellectual, and they all have to be in balance to have a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. The way of living today, with a lot of stress and running around, dissatisfaction,  poor quality of food, environmental pollution and illness are guiding us to imbalance and poor lifestyle. So Wellness is an awareness, it is your choice of living happy and healthy. 

Take decisions, change your habits, change your life.

Wellness Studio Philosophy

Wellness Silvia Studio promotes a healthy lifestyle and gives you an relaxing environment. Allow yourself to escape from stress, outside noise and recharge your energy.Take a moment and book your treatment online now.

The feeling afterwards is priceless. 

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