Silvia Sprohar Susanj

Hello everyone. My name is Silvia Sprohar Susanj and I am from Croatia.  More than 10 years ago ( in 2003. /2004. ) my discovering journey started with books, treatments, courses, workshops and seminars together with so many nice and positive new friends and teachers. Today I am certified Masseur, SPA Therapist, Wellness Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Theta Healing Practicioner, Angel Healing Therapist and so happy to share my knowledge with others. I have also finished other courses like Pranic Healing, SuperBrain Yoga, Meditation, Personal Beauty, Overcoming Reactivity, Self Confidence Course, Animal Reiki, Indian head massage and other. I have finished more than 50 schools and courses altogether.

My education as Masseur I have started in Croatia ( aroma classic massage, aroma reflexology of the foot, aroma intuitive massage, thai yoga massage) but then I decided to improve my knowledge in Norway working as Masseur and SPA Therapist ( spa relaxing massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage,  hot stone massage, chocolate massage, scrub/peeling of the body, body wrap, detox of the body with mud, spirulina alge mask, hammam treatment, facial treatments, foot treatments and other). I have experience with working in four Spas in Norway. 

To me it is very important to work with organic massage oils and organic skincare products which come with an organic certificate. Ingredients used in that products are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and GMO.


Living in beautiful Norway is great experience for me. Especially beautiful was living on small gorgeous island Lovund  inside Arctic Circle for one year. Hours and hours of walking in nature with my dog surrounded with different birds, aurora borealis and midnight sun is something unforgettable.

Yoga Nidra Meditation ( yogic sleep, consciousness deep sleep )  take a special place in my life and I am practicing it every day. I have been guiding a Yoga Nidra group in Croatia, on Lovund (Nordland, Norway) and  in Sports Club Sarpsborg. 


Through 10 years I have been exploring and training martial arts as wing chun kung fu, karate, kick box, iaido and mushin ryu.  Some of them attending shortly, some of them for few years but the most important is  what we can get from it. Martial arts are much more than self defense technique, it has positive benefits on our mind, body and spirit. It involves complete work on our personality and developing abillities that help us in everyday life. There are so many benefits as total body workout, self confidence, mobility, stability,  weight loss, strength, power,  improve cardiovascular system, developing coordination, balance, flexibility, better reflexes, communication, intuition, better focus, stillness, self respect, strategic thinking, mental health and self control.

I am a member of Norsk Massasjeforening and Norsk Forening for Integrative & Komplementære Terapeuter ( NIK ) .

I have chosen lifetime education because it is always so nice to learn something new, meet new friends and after all to share what you have learned with others.